From Gramma's Kitchen Table

  • From Gramma's Kitchen Table

    May 20

    Today’s quote from Gramma’s Kitchen Table really needs no expository from me. It is, however, a thought worth considering on a daily basis. As we begin a new day, let’s not get distracted by what is not, but instead strive to appreciate what is. “One of the most tragic things I know is that all of us tend to put off living. We dream of some magical garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today.”  E.P. Bortin *I have yet to discover who E.P. Bortin is/was. A quick Google search did not reveal anything to me. If anyone knows where to find…

  • From Gramma's Kitchen Table

    From Gramma’s Kitchen Table, May 15

    Here’s today’s table quote: “Duty makes us do things well, but–love makes us do them beautifully.” Phillips Brooks I guess what this makes me think of is paying “lip service” rather than really giving of yourself. I mean, sure, I could go across the street and help my neighbor clean up his yard because he’s old and can’t do it well, and I’ll have to watch the jungle envelop his house if something isn’t done soon–yeah, I’ll go do that, and do it well because of how it affects me and the rest of the neighborhood. Or, I can go across the street and help my neighbor clean up his…

  • From Gramma's Kitchen Table

    From Gramma’s Kitchen Table….

    Hello all you out there in cyberworld! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Mine’s been a little “eh” due to illness, but things are looking up. All those boxes I told you I’ve been going through have revealed yet another treasure–a yellowing, brittling (is that a word?) rolodex of quotes and scriptures, one for everyday of the year. I remember well, seeing this reside in the center of my gramma’s table. Each morning she would turn over the page to the next quote. She was always sure we were there to read it with her–when we were in town, that is. She lived several states away and visits were far…