From Gramma’s Kitchen Table, August 10

Posted on August 10, 2016 ยท Posted in From Gramma's Kitchen Table, Uncategorized

“Shadows fall behind you when you face the sunshine.”

I have no idea who came up with this quote, but I like it.

I’m reminded of a new friend who recently moved here with her family. They’ve uprooted themselves and moved from one coast to the other in order to do the work God has called them to. Family, friends, favorite stores and restaurants…all left behind. People don’t always understand how much loss there is in relocating your entire life. It hurts–even if you know the move was the right choice. As my new friend moves through this grieving process, I am hopeful that she will move through it remembering the gifts that are here, in this new space, just waiting for her to open them. The pain will eventually diminish, become a mere “shadow” as it falls away, pushed aside by the “sunshine” that will fill her life as she embraces it.

We all face tough times in life. I think there was wisdom in what Paul wrote in Philippians 4:8 when he reminded us to think about the good things. “Dwell” in the good things. Focusing on the negative only makes things worse. You can’t live there. You just can’t. Life happens on the journey to the other end of that spectrum. Face the sun; face the son, and the shadows will fall behind you.