Another day, Another…Weedle?

Posted on August 4, 2016 ยท Posted in Uncategorized

I was just reading a blog post about how easy it is to be distracted, especially for writers. I was thrilled by the comments from a chorus of voices echoing the OPs sentiments – thrilled because I seem to have found my long lost tribe! The intention to write some world-changing, awe-inspiring prose is there in spades…but the dirty dishes haunt me, my husband is recycling socks, the garden vegetables shrivel from neglect, even my fitbit is yelling at me to get up and move…. Distractions aplenty!

When I do sit down to write, I end up reading, commenting on other writers’ work, looking things up. Oh, gotta check my email. What’s new on FB? That article looks interesting – could make a good scene in my WIP (Work In Progress. Ha!) Blah, blah, blah….

To be a writer one must write. Duh

So I find myself in the wannabe category. Writing requires discipline. Something I’m very good at in some arenas. Writing? Not so much.

And then somebody invented Pokemon Go. Really? I’m not even from the Pokemon generation, but there’s just something about catching those little monsters that appeals to me. It’s like a treasure hunt, seeking out that prize, the thrill of discovery. (I feel the same way about garage sales.) Where I live there are Weedles galore to be found. They are everywhere. If I’m not careful, I can get distracted by the common, less useful Weedles and miss the really cool, hard-to-find Abra that just spawned in my neighbor’s driveway.

The Weedles have their purpose, but I need to aim higher and not let the ordinary keep me from catching the extra-ordinary.

And as I was writing this post another Weedle popped up for me – hubby calling to let me know he’s on his way home for lunch. (Let’s just be clear here; I do not consider my husband to be a Weedle. If anything, he’s a legendary. It just illustrates that even the best things in life can interfere with writing time if it’s not a discipline).

After eating, I rode back to the job site with him where I entered into an editing/discussion session with a staff member. It seems I have another editing job to do, with potential for more assignments in the future. Hey, at least it’ll keep me writing.

Maybe some Weedles are better than others….