So many notebooks…

Posted on May 6, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

Well, my original thought was to post something from one of my many notebooks here tonight, however, I’m finding that locating something publishable “real quick” is proving to be a challenge. Therefore, you get modern-day me who is quite sleepy and about to fall into bed.

There are a few things running around in my brain which I will let out on the blog pages in the near future, but to get you started thinking, here are some things to ponder:

1) What is it that perpetuates racial tension when everybody I talk to (of all shades) is ready to be done with it all? I watched with interest, and a heavy heart, a conversation take place on social media this week which I found disturbing. This conversation began with, what I felt was, an articulation of taking personal responsibility and a call to treat people with respect and equality whatever the skin tone. People are people, right? Unfortunately, the conversation ended with name-calling from someone who had a differing interpretation of what was said. What can be done here? I know both parties are ultimately on the same side of the issue, but could not come to terms with how to get to that side. Does that even make sense? How can we solve the issues of racial tension when we can’t even have civil conversations with those who want the same outcome?

2) The other topic near and dear to my heart tonight, since we’re smack-dab in the middle of it, is state testing for students. There is much left to be desired when it comes to student–and teacher–assessments. It seems to me the goal of education is no longer the education of our students, but the lining of pocket books and the boosting of political careers. And this happens at the expense of our students.

These are hot button issues these days, and I for one have much to learn regarding both topics. I am happy to enter into conversation with you, but know this–comments must be civil and display genuine interest and respect toward participants. Lewd, crude & rude will not be tolerated or posted. I’m after a genuine conversation, not a bashing session. I understand there are tensions and frustrations all around, just choose your words wisely. Please and Thank You.