Imaginary Friends


Here’s a Flash Fiction piece from a photo prompt that I wrote back in October. It has yet to be polished, but I hope you enjoy it!

Mara threw her arms back, loving the brush of spray as she flew across the falls on her silver-tipped indigo wyvern.  How she loved it up here!  So peaceful.  The thundering cascade drowned out the turmoil of below, leaving her to enjoy, for a moment, the warm healing of the sun.

A sharp whistle intruded upon Mara’s solitude.  She heaved a sigh.  “That’s our cue, Nila.  Time to go home.”  She took the tether in hand and turned the beast toward the tree line just before the falls tumble over.

She pulled Nila to a stop on the large flat boulder which served as a landing dock for the wyvern.  Mara slid off, removed the tether and gave the creature an affectionate rub before sending her off.  She watched, jealous, as Nila rose, and twisted back toward the falls, diving into them to reach her lair.  Mara then turned to find a tall slender elven-like male standing before her.  His hair, dark and straight, hung about his shoulders while a delicate golden ring encircled his head.  A single aquamarine gem adorned the headpiece, signifying his leadership role in the clan.

“Baku.”  They touched foreheads in greeting.  “What’s going on?  Why did you call me?”

Her brother gave a wistful smile as they walked the fragrant foliage-laden path toward the village.

“The council has called a meeting.  We are required to attend.”

Mara felt a growing lump in the pit of her stomach as Baku continued.  “It would seem the elders have reached a decision, and they are prepared to push forward in spite of the risk.”

“But what about the…”

Baku interrupted her.  “To do nothing would be a greater risk.”  He stopped to face Mara, placing his hands on her shoulders.  His sapphire eyes looked deeply into Mara’s own.  “Mara, I think they want send you.”


  • Rob

    Baku watched his sister’s flight from the river’s edge, sunlight sparkling across the iridescent scales like a startled flock of rainbows. His fingers gripped the Seer’s talisman so tightly that he could not even feel his palm any more. The anger still burned inside him, but he would control it. He must control it. He breathed deeply, focusing on the dragon’s path as it wended its way from the forest to the falls and back again, rising above the mist ever so slightly and rolling over to fall out of sight as though sinking into an ocean. He could see the expression on her face just before the mist overtook them: mouth spread wide, teeth sparkling white, cheeks flushed with exhilaration, eyes – oh, her eyes! So much joy burned in those orbs, so much happiness! How could he allow this to happen? He was her brother, her only living kin! How could he let them send her into the most dangerous situation the clan had ever faced?

    Yet he knew it must be. The Seer had foretold it. The Decision Stones had been cast. The elders had agreed. And he had acknowledged that she had remarkable talent, a resiliency of spirit, a deep-seated optimism in spite of everything that had happened. She was the obvious choice.

    But she was his sister.

    And he didn’t want to lose her.

    Her beloved Nila rose out of the mist like a whale breaching the ocean and gently arced over, sailing across the craggy edge of the falls toward the opposite shore, bearing his precious, lovely cargo. Baku burned the moment into his memory, knowing it would be a long time before such happiness was visited on her again.

    Then he whistled sharply. It was time.

  • Cassie

    NIce! I wasn’t expecting a continuation. Fun! I’ll have to see if I can figure out the rest of the story now 🙂

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