Poetry and Other Thoughts


In honor of a little girl I barely knew, but who touched so many lives in such a short time. Talk about a legacy….



A single fluffy dandelion sways in the fragrant spring breeze,
basking in the warmth of the golden meadow sun,
bringing joy to all who happened upon it,
in such sweet tranquility.

No one could imagine what storm lay on the horizon—
the thunderous current, the black swirling masses
obliterating the morning sky, wrenching the dandelion
from its place.

The aftermath leaves tears instead of laughter.
As the clouds ride away the sun reappears
looking mournfully down upon the devastation
that had been a meadow.

The dandelion no longer danced in the breeze,
but lay still in the mire even as all around began to stir.
The warm sun glowed once more, igniting the fragrant breeze
which blew softly across the fallen.

A gust scooped up a single tuft from the figure,
carrying it gently across the meadow
into a new fertile home where it nestled down
and began life anew.

Joy returned to the meadow as the dandelion emerged
from the darkness and stretched toward the sky.
The sun smiled radiantly and all the meadow applauded
as the dandelion danced upon the breeze once more.



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