From Gramma's Kitchen Table

From Gramma’s Kitchen Table….

Hello all you out there in cyberworld! Hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Mine’s been a little “eh” due to illness, but things are looking up. All those boxes I told you I’ve been going through have revealed yet another treasure–a yellowing, brittling (is that a word?) rolodex of quotes and scriptures, one for everyday of the year. I remember well, seeing this reside in the center of my gramma’s table. Each morning she would turn over the page to the next quote. She was always sure we were there to read it with her–when we were in town, that is. She lived several states away and visits were far to infrequent. (Isn’t she cute? That’s my Gramma in the photo.) Anyway, I pulled said treasure out of the box and started to read through it, but then I had this crazy notion that, rather than just reading them, I would follow Gramma’s example and share them with those around me.

So, for the next little bit at least I will be sharing the daily quote–among other things–and adding some of my own commentary as the thoughts strike me. Check out the next post for the first installment. I hope you enjoy this little “rabbit trail” with me! 🙂

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